CATSA aims to recognise excellence in catalysis research by overseas scientists. In acknowledgement of their significant contributions, an Eminent Visitor Award is presented to an influential researcher at the annual CATSA conference. These awards include a lecture tour of selected universities and main catalysis research centres in South Africa. 

To nominate a leading scientist for the eminent visitor award, please see the protocol (eminent visitor award) and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your motivation to the Chairperson

  Charles Sykes
Angelos M Efstathiou
 Chirik119 Paul Chirik
 GJerkowiecz Gregory Jerkiewicz

Krijn de Jong






Peter Wasserscheid


Martin Albrecht

 Diebold Ulrike Diebold
Hutchings Graham Hutchings
Gasteiger Hubert Gasteiger
Gates Bruce Gates
 Weckhuysen Bert Weckhuysen
Leitner Walter Leitner
 Centi Gabriele Centi
Niemantsverdriet Hans Niemantsverdriet
 Hamilton David Cole-Hamilton
Datye Abhaya Datye
 Rees Lovat Rees
2000-Kingsmall Dave King
 1999-cormasmall Avelino Corma
Iglesia Enrique Iglesia




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